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Cross Training

Cross Training has become extremely popular recently with people trying to redefine “FIT”. Utilizing a variety of functional training exercises, equipment and methods, the class is designed to increase every factor of a participant’s strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility, balance and cardio. With a focus on sustained high intensity exercieses, students we will always be performing different exercises in order to constantly challenge the body’s systems. Participants should expect to push themselves and be rewarded by these taxing challenges.

Body 360

The Body360 is an all over cardio and body pump workout. Sessions will never be the same from day to day so you hit every muscle group and keep your body guessing. Suitable for complete beginners to advanced athletes. Every exercise is explained beforehand and carefully monitored during the workout to make sure good form is maintained.

Strength & Conditioning

This class is where you will learn the exercise techniques that will lay the foundation for future training. Beginners and advanced athletes will benefit from this class. We emphasize traditional resistance exercises and basic cardiovascular techniques. The goal of this class is to build up strength, stamina and form to be able to advance your current fitness level. A variety of equipment and methods will be used to improve your strength, power, and stamina. Class intensity will be high, while also introducing techniques suitable for more experienced athletes


Thousands of years in the making, the benefits of yoga are well known to athletes in all disciplines. Complementing our fitness sessions, we offer genuine traditional Yoga to ensure that you are kept flexible and balanced. Yoga- In order to give the best Yoga possible to our guests we have decided to partner with one of the best Yoga studios in Phuket. Through the week you will have the opportunity to try Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic Flow Yoga, and Hot Power Yoga. We recommend Yoga as a perfect balancer for those enjoying our fitness classes and gym.


Our HUGE open air Fitness Camp area is protected from the elements for the green season, but allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful weather while they train during the high season. It’s fully stocked with all the functional training equipment you could ask for, and features a fantastic functional training rig!

Gyms in Thailand

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Titan Fitness Gym Phuket boasts the only purpose built military assault course on the island. Used during our Cross-Training, Strength & Conditioning and strong man sessions, as well as during special events, the course is at once fun, challenging and rewarding!


Fitness Holiday Phuket

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Titan Fitness Gym Phuket has a 3 storey indoor Gym that is fully air-conditioned. We are open between 7am-9pm Mon-Fri and Sat & Sun 9am-6pm. We have a wide range of free weights, machines and cardiovascular equipment. We also use well known brands like Life Fitness, Cybex and Nautilus.
To top it all off we have a seating area where you can enjoy a coffee or a protein shake and super fast wi-fi!

Titan Fitness Gym Phuket

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Membership Plans:

We have tailored our plans to make it as convenient as possible for you to train the way that you want to train here at Titan Fitness Gym Phuket. We have separate plans and prices for the gym, fitness camp, yoga, and personal training. For mixed plans see our Training Programs.

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Ideal for those who just want to turn up and get stuck in! These packages aim to take the stress out of your trip so that you can relax and Titan Up in equal measure without worrying about much else. Our accommodation in located right next to the camp. Our meal plans are worked out for you based on your training and goals and provide excellent food with all the nutrients you need.

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